Petrocelli Services offers AC Repair Service in Austin, TX, Round Rock, Cedar Park & surrounding areas.

We bring to you our remarkable and unparalleled services. Austin, Cedar Park and other neighboring cities can benefit from our air conditioning repair service. Only a call away, we provide you with the best of the best.

We know how air conditioners are important especially during the harsh summers. Hence we do not want you to hassle over repairing your cooling systems by providing this right at your doorstep. All you have to do is give us a call, and we send a fully trained team of technicians that repair your air conditioning system to give you the comfort you need. You can forget about dismantling your units and carrying them to places for repair because our service does it right on the spot. You do not have to hassle anymore to relax throughout the year because we do your work for you.

Regardless of the manufacturer or the size of your units, our air conditioner repair service does its best to give you the finest results. Our technicians are professionals who are highly competent in their field and can resolve all issues related to your air conditioning system. We also provide air conditioner replacement service which means that upgrading to a better cooling system has never been easier. With professional advice, you can switch to a better cooling system which can effectively cut down your billing costs while providing you with a better service. We consider your surroundings, budget, and choice when it comes to choosing an efficient system for replacement.

We believe in making a lifelong commitment to our customers hence we provide you with first rate services. You can rely on us when facing any problems with your air conditioning system. We will make sure that you place us in full confidence when it comes to repair and replacement services. We promise you will not regret it. To us, our customers are like partners and their opinions are like our own. Without a second thought, give us a call, and we will repair your cooling systems to perfection.

Set up an appointment by filling out the quick form on the right or call (512) 836-1414.

**For immediate assistance, please call (512) 836-1414

This is in regards to afterhour and weekend service calls:

During the summer months we experience high incoming calls, at which time we will have to resolve the most urgent issues.  We strive to take care of each customer as soon as possible, and this could mean that service is delayed hours or may have to be scheduled for the next day (for example, if your AC is working but needs to be serviced, verses a customer who has no AC service.)