The expert technicians at Petrocelli Services provide air conditioner and heater preventative maintenance service in Austin and surrounding areas.  Our preventative checks ensure you will continue to experience cool air conditioning and warm heating whenever you need it.

Our focus is on reliability, longevity, and efficiency and to make sure you get all this, we have the air conditioner preventative maintenance and heater preventative maintenance. We believe in making customers our partners for a lifetime, so we do not end our relationship after installation. With a whole team of fully trained professional technicians, we provide preventative maintenance.

To ensure that you spend your lifestyle with comfort and ease, our air conditioner preventative maintenance gives you the opportunity to relax. You do not have to worry about any damages because our team will continue to make regular checks. These checks will not be skipped to assure you and ourselves of the efficiency and performance level of the installed cooling systems. Any maintenance costs will be low and easy to pay. We have experts in this field who are specialized in identifying and working on any deficiencies in the system. With continuous checks on your air conditioners, you need not worry about any malfunction or damage. We do not leave any detail while carrying out these maintenance routines.

The heater preventative maintenance is different from air conditioners because all systems have different mechanisms. We guarantee you the best team to carry out maintenance routines for your heating systems. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and professional in their respective fields. We bring you quality service at your doorstep, so you do not have to worry. Now you can sit within your house and avail preventative maintenance. Our technicians are highly cooperative and inform you about all details and processes involved.

For these routine checks and preventative maintenance measures, we bring our equipment and if any accessory needs a replacement. The time delay is highly discouraged, so we make maintenance checks regular without any time lapse. These preventative maintenance checks ensure the performance and efficiency we guarantee you from the beginning.

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This is in regards to afterhour and weekend service calls:

During the summer months we experience high incoming calls, at which time we will have to resolve the most urgent issues.  We strive to take care of each customer as soon as possible, and this could mean that service is delayed hours or may have to be scheduled for the next day (for example, if your AC is working but needs to be serviced, verses a customer who has no AC service.)