Petrocelli Services offers HVAC installation in Austin, TX, Round Rock, Cedar Park & surrounding areas.

Whether you need air condition/heating installed in a new construction project or an existing structure, Petrocelli Services will provide super efficient, state-of-the-art air conditioning, furnace, and heat pump options in order to make your home comfortable and cost efficient.  We fully customize a solution to fit your needs.

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**For immediate assistance, please call (512) 836-1414


This is in regards to afterhour and weekend service calls:

During the summer months we experience high incoming calls, at which time we will have to resolve the most urgent issues.  We strive to take care of each customer as soon as possible, and this could mean that service is delayed hours or may have to be scheduled for the next day (for example, if your AC is working but needs to be serviced, verses a customer who has no AC service.)