What Your AC Needs From You This Spring

Your air conditioning system will be hard at work all summer, keeping you cool while the mercury soars. What it needs from you is a little spring cleaning and maintenance.  Here’s our list of essential spring AC maintenance tasks, which can help you enjoy uninterrupted and efficient cooling throughout the summer months.

Change those air filters:

This is the most basic, and a very important, step in a good DIY AC maintenance regimen. Dirty or clogged air filters lead to poor cooling efficiency and frozen coils. Replacing your AC filters every few months is always a good idea.

Clean the area around your outdoor unit:

AC spring cleaning isn’t limited to the outdoor unit itself. Cleaning up the leaves, dust and debris that tend to gather around it is just as important. Often, grass or algae can crop up in this area and along the body of the outdoor unit. Make sure all of this is removed and cleaned up.

Check for cracks around doors and windows:

Checking for cracks and leaks in your ducting might need a professional’s eye, but as a homeowner, you can locate and even patch up some cracks in your siding, around your doors and windows.

Engage a professional:

Every homeowner should be familiar with some DIY AC maintenance, but hiring a professional HVAC technician to inspect and tune-up your AC for the summer is always a wise choice. The technician should carefully inspect and attend to all components of your air conditioning system, including the compressor, ducting, drainage lines and refrigerant levels.

To engage us at Petrocelli Services for a professional AC inspection, cleaning, spring maintenance or repair, or for assistance with your new air conditioning system installation, give us a call.

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