Super Air Filter

A New Air Filter Can Save You Money

Heating and cooling account for about 50 percent of your home’s energy costs. If you’re looking for ways to increase system efficiency, one surefire way is to regularly change your furnace and A/C filters. Essentially, a new air filter can save you money and here’s why: A dirty air filter makes your system work harder to keep …

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A Short Introduction To SEER Ratings

The process of buying a new air conditioner presents quite a few challenges. Chief among these is the matter of finding a unit that is correctly sized for the room it will be installed in. Our air conditioning experts here at Petrocelli Services have on multiple occasions found oversized or undersized units to be responsible …

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Why You Should Invest In Energy-Efficient Appliances

Millennial homes and energy-efficient appliances go hand-in-hand. Our lifestyles today are closely dependent on a host of appliances and gadgetry, which is why it only makes sense to invest in smarter, more sustainable machines that can save us some money while also going easy on the environment. There is a wide range of energy efficient …

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