Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

Efficient and effective functioning of air conditioners requires regular maintenance of its filters, coils, and fins. Neglecting regular repair and maintenance of your air conditioning unit will result in decreased performance and increased energy consumption. To ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your air conditioner, you should regularly clean and replace its filters. When filters are filled with dust, they tend to block the airflow and results in reduced efficiency. There are certain filters those can be reused, but others need constant replacement to get maximum performance.

During the cooling season, filters should be cleaned or replaced every month or two. The air conditioner coil works to collect the dirt. If the filters are not clean, then coils will soil up quickly. The coil will continue to collect dirt, but the dirt will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. The coil won’t be able to absorb heat properly resulting in less air flow and poor insulation.

This problem can be avoided by checking the coil every year and cleaning it. Outdoor coils often become dirtier because of outdoor environment. You can easily check the dirt because it’s quite visible on the fins. There are fin comb available those can be used to clean the fins to get back good performance of aluminum fins.

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