My air conditioner is not blowing cold air. What could be the problem?

There are a few possible reasons your AC is not blowing cold air.

  1.  Check the thermostat fan setting— Does your air conditioner run cold air sometimes but hot air other times? Make sure the fan setting is set to “auto” not “on”, which will cause your AC to blow air even if it’s not being cooled.
  2. Check your air filter— If the air coming out of the supply vents is weak and not very cool, check to see if the air filter is dirty and change it if necessary. A dirty air filter blocks airflow to the air handler.  Out of air filters? Here’s our guide on selecting the right home air filter.
  3. Check the the outside AC unit—Is the outside unit covered in dirt, dust or grass? Clean it.  Is it being smother by a tree branch or bush? Trim them back to give the outside unit breathing room. Is the outside fan not working? A professional needs to fix it. Otherwise the outside unit can’t cool down refrigerant to cool your home’s air.

If none of these helped, your AC may be low on refrigerant. However, this is caused by a refrigerant leak, which you’ll need a professional’s help to find and fix.  Contact us today if you are in need of an AC repair specialist.

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