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Petrocelli Services provides a wide range of air conditioning, heating, ventilation & refrigeration services for residential and commercial properties in the Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and surrounding areas. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Air Condition and Heating Systems
A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler, and an outdoor unit. An air conditioner is the outdoor unit that cools air and sends it to the indoor unit for circulation through your home. Indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. When the air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and longer system life. Keeping your home’s heating and cooling system tuned-up and running properly is one of the best things you can do for your home, both from a comfort perspective as well as a financial one. For more information on our Preventative Maintenance.

High Efficiency System Benefits
Whether upgrading a new AC system or replacing an old one, an efficient and properly operating air conditioning and heating system is essential in Austin, and the surrounding Central Texas area. Studies show that 40-50% of monthly utility bills are for cooling and heating. If your AC unit is more than 10 years old, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency model; it could save you significantly over the summer months. Petrocelli Services proudly promotes American Standard, Carrier, and many other leading manufacturers systems in the Heating & Cooling industry. Supplying affordable comfort systems to fit any budget. Low interest financing and rebates are available now!

Do you have allergies? UV Air Purifiers may be the answer for you!
UV lights can reduce indoor-air pollution levels significantly. Petrocelli Services understand the importance of clean air environment in your home or business, especially if you suffer from allergies and/or asthma. An ultraviolet air treatment system kills and eliminates harmful bacteria, mold spores, dander and other microorganisms during the HVAC air-filtration process, ensuring a healthy environment in your home or business. The UV lights operate without the use of any toxic chemicals, which is good for you and your loved ones. Additionally UV germicidal lights operate continuously, even if the HVAC system is offline, ensuring that your home or business remains free of toxic contaminants and pollutants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Adding UV lights to your HVAC system is beneficial to your HVAC system’s components too. They can extend the life of your home or business’s heating and cooling system significantly, because the systems’ components have to work less if the air is clean. Finally, adding UV lights save money and increases the value of the system as well.

Air Cleaners
Be sure your home's air is clear of dust, pollen, fungi, smoke and other particles too small to see by using a HEPA, Electronic or Media Air Cleaner. These cleaners provide stepped-up filtration, more effective than your furnace or air conditioner alone. In fact, these cleaners can remove up to 94 percent of the particles that pass through your home's system. And since these pollutants can build up as film on walls and furniture, this is a performance you'll feel and see.

Dehumidification can be very important if you live in areas of high humidity. High humidity in cooler temperatures gives you a wet clammy feeling and in warmer temperatures causes a wet sticky feeling and causes perspiration to stay on your body and soak in to you clothes rather than evaporate. High humidity can also cause mold & mildew throughout the house and even ruin very expensive clothes, fabrics, paintings & wall coverings. All air-conditioning units take out some humidity when they are running but in very humid areas this is not enough and you need a dehumidifying system. This can take out up to 15 times more water from the air than a standard system with very little operating cost penalty.

Benefits of Zoning and Dampers.
Zoning, simply put, is compared to having a light switch in every room of the house. You wouldn’t install just one light switch to turn on and off all of the lights in the house, so why approach your heating and cooling that way? Zoning allows you to have different temperatures in each room or area of your house. You can have one temperature in the kitchen, another temperature in the family room, another temperature in your bedroom, etc. Not only does this provide much more comfort but it can save you up to 20% per year in your annual operating costs because you don't overheat or overcool the areas that are unoccupied. The operating cost savings could be the equivalent to that of going from a 13 SEER air conditioning system to a 15 SEER system.

Thermostats are probably the part of the air conditioning and heating system that people are most familiar with. Controlling the indoor climate by directing temperature, blower fan speed, and humidity control, the thermostat can be considered the brain of the HVAC system. We sell and service a variety of brands of thermostats. We offer all types from your basic digital thermostat to our newest line, the WiFi capable Thermostats. A thermostat can determine so much for your home or business. Programming thermostats daily to meet individualized needs so that the unit all day, but your home or business is cooled.

Is your AC leaking water?
Leaking water from your AC unit can cause severe damage to your home rather quickly. Even a small leak can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars of damage in just a few hours. Petrocelli Services has over 20 years of experience fixing air conditioning water leaks and is here to serve as your first responders! We've found that at least 80% of the time the air conditioning leak could have been prevented entirely with routine maintenance inspections, like our “Cool Club” Preventative Maintenance Agreement. We've listed the most common sources of air conditioning leaks here

  • Your drain line is backing up and the drain pan is overflowing. Most of the time the drain line gets clogged with dirt and the water has nowhere else to go except back into the pan. The pan can only hold a certain amount of water, so once the pan gets filled it overflows. During regular preventive maintenance, the technician will blow out the drain line, by doing so they are clearing the drain line from any dirt that may be building up. Chemical preventatives may also be used to effectively clear the lines.
  • Air conditioning units can sometimes leak water because the drain line is disconnected.
  • A low refrigerant charge may cause the unit to freeze up when running. Once the unit shuts off the ice begins to melt, and water now drips onto the ceiling. If this happens a couple of times, the water can seep through the ceilings and can become extremely expensive to repair, especially if it creates mold growth.
  • Air conditioning filters can play a big role in an air conditioning water leak. First, is that the dirty filter blocks the air from penetrating through the filter. When the air can’t go through the filter it starts to freeze. As previously discussed, once the ice melts the water then drips.
  • Duct work that was either not insulated, or not insulated properly can build condensate and leak water into your attic.

How clean is your Evaporator Coil?
HVAC System components become soiled when particulate matter bypasses the air filters in the HVAC system. Microbial growth takes place when moisture in the system contacts soil that contains spores or viable organisms. This growing microbial material can also be carried by the air stream to other surfaces and components, such as the evaporator coils. Many problems can be associated with dirty evaporator coils. A dirty evaporator coil may increase power costs while decreasing the system's efficiency. Dirty evaporator coils also shorten the overall life of HVAC systems, while reducing the quality of a home's indoor air quality. Coil cleaning requires usage of special equipment and or solvents and should only be performed by a licensed HVAC professional..

Air Ducts
Air Ducts are an essential part of your air conditioning and heating system because they are responsible for distributing the conditioned air throughout your home. Air balancing can be best described as adjusting your air conditioning system and duct-work so that the right amount of air is delivered to the right places in your home in order to achieve desired comfort levels for all occupants. Call us for more information on any Air Conditioning services offered.

Environmental Issues and Refrigerant
With today's growing focus on environmental awareness, leaking refrigerant is an issue more important than ever to address as soon as possible. A low refrigerant charge can cause your air conditioning system to literally freeze up with frozen condensate, rendering it inoperable when you need it most. Worse, it can take hours to thaw enough before an air conditioning professional can access the necessary areas to make repairs and recharge the system's refrigerant. Petrocelli Services, LLC refills and recovers thousands of pounds of refrigerant each year. If you think your system might be low, or leaking refrigerant contact us today.

Mitsubishi Mini-Splits
Petrocelli Services not only services and repairs traditional split systems & package units, but is also a dealer of Mitsubishi Mini-split Air Conditioning systems. If you would like more information on mini-split ac systems and their many uses, give us a call.

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